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Hiking - a good way to relieve stress

October 20th, 2007

Are you an experienced hiker or still a “greenhorn”? Nonetheless hiking in Estonian nature is just what you need to escape stress and get away from everyday life!

  • Estonia is a small country that has vast forests, beatiful lakes, swamps, seaside - everything you can possibly imagine. And best of all - its free! State forest management centre (RMK) manages Estonian state forests, providing many opporutunities for hiking, camping or even hunting in the nature.
  • The forest houses and forest huts of RMK have been established for hikers and others who like to travel around in nature on their own. As a rule they are located away from public roads and settlements. Both forest houses and -huts have a simple construction, mainly only one room and Spartan interior (a table, a seat, a stove-bench, a fireplace).
  • There are of course many different choices for hikers - some may prefer to rent a more comfortable cabin, some are happy to sleep under the blue sky in one of the many camping sites.

    Take a look at the many options of hiking in Estonia - visit the State forest management centre

    Remeber - when you feel that you need a brake - escape to the forests of Estonia!

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