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October 10th, 2007



·         Hunting in Estonia is a treat for any serious hunter. Your Estonian hosts are skillful and the quality of the wildlife and game are excellent. Estonia is one of the best places to hunt the roebuck and European moose. Hunting is Estonia is challenging as the forests are dense but the game population is not as dense, but it just enhances the hunting, making it more exciting. In Estonia are several hunting house.

·         Estonia is now in the EU. With a population of only 1.5 million people in a country which is about 45,000 square Km. By comparison, Scotland has an area of 77,000 and England an area of 130,000 square Km. The country is very flat with extensive forests and lakes and swamps. The forests where hunting takes place have good roads , so whilst access is easy, much of the land is in effect drained swamp land. The standard of accommodation is very good by comparison with other Eastern European countries and the food is really excellent.winter rabbit

·         Rifle hire in Estonia is illegal , so you need to bring your own rifle which must be of calibre 6.5mm or above. If you are resident in the EU, then you only need your EU firearms pass with you when you arrive (along with confirmation of an ‘invitation to hunt’ ) and there is no additional fee.

·         Hunting styles and seasons. Driven hunts for Moose start at the beginning of October until Mid December. Driven hunts can be arranged for 4-6 people. These can be combined with high seat and individual stalking in the early morning and night so Wild Boar and Beaver can also be on your quarry list at the same time. Or if you are just 2 people or even a large group, from the middle of September until mid December you can hunt on an individual basis for Moose (and also wild Boar).

·         Wild Boar can be shot all year round and this is mainly done from high seats.

·         Hunting lodges are very comfortable and can sleep from 4 to as many as 10 hunters with room for non hunters in addition. Most lodges have a Sauna available for groups to use. The food is very good here and there is always plenty of choice.

Populations of Estonian animals:

Deer 61 000

Moose 16 000

Beaver 27 000

Wild Boar 20 500

Rabbit 35 000


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